The delivery management solutions are an online platform that uses AI software and tools to digitize product delivery from start to end. The services include Product dispatch, assigning the best driver for routing, optimizing delivery route, live tracking the product location, Updating customers with SMS services, and more.

A route tracking app can be used by any business involving logistic services. Transporting goods is a wide industry that every other business can easily relate with. Our efficient last-mile software solutions are handy for a small startup business to big ventures. Whether it’s one individual delivery or multiple groups handling “Pick package” is here to serve you.  

The goal of route optimization software is to offer error-free, quick, cost-efficient, and controlled logistic services. Some of the primary benefits of route tracking apps are:

Better logistics tracking

End to end product management and visibility

Error-free bulk deliveries to multiple locations

Reduce manual workload

Transparency between customer and delivery partner

Real-time route optimization and automatic task assigning

Reduce “product lost” risk and ensure safe delivery.

Every stopping point that the messenger reaches is considered a transaction.

Yes. We also support rounds with on-demand ,distribution and next-day deliveries, pickups, multi warehouse tasks on one platform.

The Pickpack Last Mile Platform has a robust suite of SaaS tools and solutions, providing market-leading companies from the Parcel and Courier (CEP), grocery, logistic (3PL), retail, restaurant, food deliveries, Distributors, Medical Cannabis, Flowers and Gifts, consumer goods, healthcare and services industries with the most efficient way to manage their complex delivery operations.

Yes. You can set the logo, color and even the icons on the map according to your brand so that in the end the app will look similar to your design and your brand.

Yes. The delivery management platform allows you to know in real time where the driver is and when he will reach each point on his route. If the platform detects that the driver is late for customers then an SMS will be sent automatically and the delays will also be reflected in the management system

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